As a musician the years of experience bring liberty.
I have been a producer, band-leader, teacher, policy-developer and sales person.

Now there’s only music. vocals and flutes. With side-instruments cuatro, keyboard and percussion.

Mostly Caribbean, Latin Jazz, but also classical vocals…

I play with the people I like, where I like and what we like.
Always with a keen ear on inviting the audience to join us in the experience.
I send some of my repertoire ahead, for my vocals/flutes (with cuatro and percussion as side-instruments),
and ask the musicians for some of their songs. We rehearse once or twice and we do some shows.

I strongly believe that combining creativities and insights of all the musicians involved brings the best quality,
and it’s exciting. We don’t know where we’ll end when we start. Of course we all need to know our trade.
With some musicians we repeat the pleasure, and we build something out of this mutual trust.

I love this format! It’s a natural evolution of years spent performing.

If you would like me to perform in your country like this, don’t hesitate to contact me,
I’ ll be happy to hear from you!

( And we can always make a combination with workshops/seminars of creative coaching…)



If you're interested, please leave your enquiry, name and email below, and I'll be in touch with you!