Flute Broker

FLute Broker (helping you find the right instrument)
Finding a new instrument often turns out to be a nuisance for flute-players, to put it mildly. You have too much choice, and sometimes no clear view on what it is that you really need!

I love to find matching flutes for (professional) flute-players.

Here’s how this came about:
I used to be an endorser for a Japanese flute-brand in the Netherlands and the BENELUX so I participated in all the major FLUTE-exhibitions. Being as curious as I am (and always having a lot of time to kill, because you always have to wait a LOT in those events) I started testing all the other brands around. This way I learned a lot about the character of each brand and the technical specifications. To name a few: Haynes,Yamaha, Muramatsu, Miyazawa,Altus, Powell etc.

My skill is to match these two things:
Talking to you as a flute-player, I can get a nice idea about where you are with flute-playing.
And equally important, as a personal coach, I can get a quick blueprint of your personality and goals and make the match!

What I offer you is:
1. A good conversation to do my inventory of your needs/preferences.
2. A very competitive offer of one or more instruments, based on your personality and experience. Instruments are shipped worldwide, under excellent conditions.


If you're interested, please leave your enquiry, name and email below, and I'll be in touch with you!