Creative Coach

We bring ENERGY in motion, whenever we feel, think or act.

That’s why I like the image of colored electricity-wires, also used to transport energy.(in this case electricity)
What if we would look at ourselves as a person/company as a bundle of electricity-wires?

The truth is that we all have the habit of using just some of them. Out of habit and our current role in life.
Nothing wrong with that, as long as all goes well.But you can quickly reach your maximum potential, like a car engine that’s not using all of its cylinders. So, if you want to expand, it’s nice to get to know other possibilities, or overcome inhibitions. And there are moments in life, when we insist too much in using just a few of those wires, ignoring the rest, resulting in overheating. Or,suddenly our most important wires are cut off.

This is the essence of my Creative Coaching.
Bringing you into contact with your fountain of energy, the heart of the matter, and stimulate new connections/possibilities within yourself.

This can be beneficial:

• As a person with a need/longing for a change of role in life. In every situation when the old use of the wires isn’t satisfactory anymore. Or just when you feel it’s time to tap in your potential!

• As an artist, deepening your connection with your soul in your art can make your work so much more powerful.

• As a company: what is your core business, how is your reaction to shifting markets, and multicultural: Do you use only the dominant cultural perspective or is there room for the input and maybe wisdom of other perspectives? (which can make the critical difference between success and failure in new local markets).


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