International Concerts

International Concerts

The years of experience bring me liberty as a musician.(vocals and flutes/ cuatro, keyboard and percussion on the side)

Mostly Caribbean, Latin Jazz.
I love to travel with my music:
Sending some of my repertoire ahead, asingk the musicians for some of their songs,we rehearse once or twice and we play!
I love this format! It’s a natural evolution of years spent performing. If you would like me to perform in your country like this, d
on’t hesitate to contact me.

15-5: Eglise de Nieigles, Pont de Labeaume, Ardeche
with my French jazz quartet:Antoine laville (piano/harmonica), Alexandre Bes (double bass), Nicolas Serret (drums)


C’était bien bon!!!

20-5: Chirols

several others still to be confirmed…

South Africa:
tour still to be confirmed

tour still to be confirmed


If you're interested, please leave your enquiry, name and email below, and I'll be in touch with you!