Francine van Dam is a creative coach and professional musician.

She has worked in a large variety of qualifications in the music business:

Soloist (singer/fluteplayer), bandleader, composer/arranger but also as an impresario. producer, endorser of flute-brands, sales-director in a CD-distribution company and policy developer for a Dutch national art institute. And she was a consultant for various national subvention boards in the Netherlands. Meanwhile she also toured the world with her latin-jazz music.

The turbulence in her childhood showed her the way to introspection and self development. A road she never left since, and through the years she developed insights through a variety of psychological, philosophical and spiritual practices. Always knowing that with age, she would offer her services to clients.
When the national art institute closed down, she accepted gratefully the offer of getting qualifications in a new field of work. And she studied ‘personal coaching’ at the ICM institute, one of the best in the Netherlands.

Since then she has clients worldwide, and loves working with Skype for that purpose:

“Coaching is like holding up a mirror to the client, while engaging in a profound exchange that can entice new insights and growth. Being behind a screen in fact works perfectly! Because it gives exactly the right impression, the coach not being physically part of the client’s life, but without any constraints on the exchange between them.”

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She lives in the blue mountains of the Ard├Ęche, France


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