Francine van Dam

musician & creative coach


YOU ARE YOUR MUSIC. Whatever you play or sing it will always be YOU we’ll hear. Your personality is your unique instrument. And you use your voice or an instrument to express yourself with sound.

MUSIC IS A DIFFERENT WAY OF COMMUNICATION. It comes into your ears and makes sense without analysis. That’s why I call it a sound-language. You can also make music -singing or playing- without using your mind, as a natural self-expression.  When two people play the same song it will always sound different. Why?  Because they have different personalities. One of my students wanted to study a warrior-like song. She has been the decent, sweet, cultivated lady all her life, and guess what… she couldn’t sing the song. Because her role in life left her with a sweet cultivated sound. Your personality and dominant roles in life lead you to your sound.Once you’re conscious about it you can expand your range of expression.

MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL. Every style has his characteristics but once you know the basics you can sing or play everything. If you take the time to learn!  I teach music in a way that addresses those basics. Reproduction of existing music is great. If that is your aim you’ll only need to master this sound-language passively. But you’ll start speaking it only when you also have mastered it actively. Then you will actually understand what you’re playing and even have the ability to create music. In playing existing music, it will be easier and sound better because you’ll know what you’re doing.

TRADITIONAL METHODS OF WESTERN MUSIC EDUCATION, put great emphasis on reading music, music theory, reproduction and technical skills.  I do agree on developing technical skills, because they give you greater freedom. However, in those methods your ability to create music yourself in improvisation or example, or understand what an existing piece of music is about is poorly developed. Music notation is great to quickly communicate about this sound-language but it is only a tool. If you can only read and reproduce sheet music it is like reading a text in a foreign language without understanding what it’s about.

I offer a NEW APPROACH TO TEACHING MUSIC, we can work on:

  1. Your music as your unique way to express your personality. (which may also be the start of some personal development.)
  2. Understanding music, by ear-development, and the mutual coherence of melody, harmony and rhythm.
  3. Skills and technical development.
  4. Repertoire.

(points 1,2 and 4  we can work on no matter what your instrument is, 3: Skills and technical development I can offer you for vocals and flute)